Education is Key to the Economic Recovery

by Jeff Edmondson on January 23, 2012

Sites across the country are wrestling with how to frame the work of building cradle to career civic infrastructure so that leaders at all levels will be willing to put their social capital on the line to make it happen.  Some might assume that the low test scores, especially for students coming from the most challenged backgrounds, would motivate people to act.  But this has not been enough over the years.  So what can be done?

Linking education to economic development seems to be working in many sites.  This link is undeniable and, as the attached report from the Jobs Council clearly outlines, increasing the number of highly skilled graduates is critical for sustaining and building upon the slow turn we are experiencing in our economy.

This could be a useful tool for communities just getting started. To read the report in full, follow this link: Road Map to Renewal 

Jeff Edmondson About Jeff Edmondson
Jeff Edmondson is the Managing Director of StriveTogether, a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks. StriveTogether is a national cradle-to-career initiative that brings together leaders in Pre-K-12 schools, higher education, business and industry, community organizations, government leaders, parents and other stakeholders who are committed to helping children succeed from birth through careers.

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