Data Drives School-Community Collaboration

Data Drives School-Community Collaboration

Seven Principles for Effective Data Sharing

Collective impact partnerships, place-based initiatives, community school efforts and many other organizations rely on access to student-level data to personalize ways to help students succeed. Most communities understand the need to work on data sharing, but may need help getting started. 

StriveTogether and the Data Quality Campaign have released a new Data Sharing Playbook to help community organizations effectively partner with schools on data-driven ways to improve education outcomes. This resource includes seven principles about how to begin and grow a data-driven initiative, as well as practical resources to help communities implement complex data partnerships with schools and other community partners.

The seven principles, outlined below, are rooted in the experiences of communities across the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network as well as the knowledge that the Data Quality Campaign brings through its broad network of local leaders and national experts.

Pave the Way with Leaders and Decision-Makers
Decision makers, not data people, get information moving – and they do it when it’s in their own best interest.

Know your information system.Know Your Information Ecosystem
Connect, don’t re-create….  only build as a last resort.

Information is only worth gathering if it leads to action.Only Gather Information if it Leads to Action
One good question is worth a dozen data points.

Build responsible data use and protection into your organizational DNA.Build Responsible Data Use and Protection Into Your Organizational DNA
It’s not technology but trust, turf and time that bedevil most collaboration between schools and communities.

Identify your trusted local data hub(s).Identify Your Trusted Local Data Hub(s)
Find your “one stop shop” to connect people to the data they need.

FERPA is never the problem.Don't Blame it on FERPA
Federal law is a foundation to protect student privacy, but it doesn’t prevent most legitimate data sharing in the service of helping kids.

Invest in the People Who Will Lead the Work.Invest in the People Who Will Lead the Work
You can choose to develop the technology systems, but you HAVE to develop the people.

Access the Data Sharing Playbook to Learn More

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