Academic group aims for ‘cradle to career' focus

Earlier this week in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM) issued its first report, emphasizing a “cradle to career” method of education for the future. The SAM partnership is working towards helping students reach high levels of educational achievement, starting as early as kindergarten through college graduation and then into a career. Participants in the SAM work include the seven Spartanburg school districts, all of the colleges in Spartanburg County and other community organizations and businesses.

At an event celebrating this milestone, Jeff Edmonson, the Managing Director of StriveTogether, was the keynote speaker.  An article highlighting the event noted that, "Edmondson said that the SAM Preface was important because it should start a trend of official reports, driven by data, that provide a consistent glimpse into what is and is not working in Spartanburg County."

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