To Hell With Good Intentions Part 1: Measuring Social Impact

Geoff Zimmerman, StriveTogether Associate Director of Data Utilization

With countless efforts to “make change,” “do good,” and “help people,” one session at the South by Southwest conference will explore how three organizations are leveraging measurement strategies to ensure their good intentions are truly leading to social impact.

StriveTogether will be featured as one organization working at the community level to measure meaningful impact in improving student educational outcomes. The organization will share insight into investing in educational outcomes and programs based on results, rather than simply on good intentions.

Collective Impact Irony

Local Communities Influence Policy to Impact Academic Outcomes for Students

Improving educational outcomes for students can be hard work. But sometimes, due to certain legislation and policy barriers, it can be nearly impossible.

Local Dallas-based organizations were struggling to measure and improve kindergarten readiness rates. With different readiness tests across multiple school districts, there was no apples-to-apples comparison.


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