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Cradle to Career Network Membership

With 69 partnerships across 32 states and Washington, D.C., StriveTogether’s Cradle to Career Network offers a powerful support system for quality collective impact across the country.

Network members have access to relevant tools and resources, insight and strategic assistance from StriveTogether staff, and opportunities to engage with and learn from peers across the Network. With a broad range of work throughout the network, members learn from the successes, failures and insights of each cradle-to-career partnership.

Benefits include:

  • Tailored coaching and strategic assistance
  • Access to cohort-based learning opportunities like Impact and Improvement Networks, the Accelerator Fund and the Tableau Fellowship
  • Online resources and tools to address specific aspects of local partnership growth and development
  • Webinars addressing both the technical and adaptive challenges faced by partnerships
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Participation in StriveTogether Convenings, including delivering content
  • An invitation to the StriveTogether National Convening

To join the Cradle to Career Network, communities complete an assessment process to identify areas of strength and opportunities to advance civic infrastructure development. The process measures progress against Theory of Action benchmarks. This assessment, based on network member feedback, looks at the local needs and current organizational alignment, and helps engage the community around the national movement toward quality collective impact.

After completing the baseline assessment, communities that have met early-stage benchmarks are invited to join the Cradle to Career Network. On an annual basis, they pay a membership fee and complete the assessment.

Partnerships that have yet to meet the initial benchmarks and are still working to form their partnerships are called Exploring Communities. They are invited to join a group of more than 20 other Exploring Communities that participate in monthly conference calls and have access to online tools and resources to help move forward toward the Emerging Gateway and subsequently Network membership. Communities looking for additional support in this work also engage with StriveTogether for strategic assistance to help meet quality benchmarks and impact cradle-to-career outcomes.

In addition to the Exploring Institute engagement, StriveTogether also offers tailored coaching and strategic assistance for communities that have met the benchmarks within the “Exploring” gateway but need additional support as they continue to mobilize partners to move cradle-to-career outcomes.

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