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Cincinnati leaders explain "cradle to careers" educational initiative at Chicago forum

This Chicago School Policy Forum was attended by 200 education, foundation, agency, United Way and selected business leaders. Cincinnati Public School Superintendent Mary Ronan and United Way of Cincinnati President Rob Reifsnyder spoke to a packed audience followed by a question period moderated by Richard Colvin who co-authored an Education Sector Report on Strive.

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Mission: Graduate Launches in Albuquerque

Local employers and education leaders in Albuquerque announced an ambitious goal today: add 60,000 graduates (with post-secondary certificates or degrees) to the central New Mexico region by 2020. The goal was part of a public kick-off for Mission: Graduate, a cradle-to-career initiative with broad community support. 


Milwaukee is Helping Kids Succeed

Milwaukee Succeeds is working to improve educational outcomes for all children through a broad-based collaborative effort:

All Hands Raised: Together We Hold the Key

All Hands Raised (AHR) is building a truly collaborative learning support system -- from within the community. The partnership has a vision for bold system change built around always asking the question, "how can we improve?" AHR believes that this will ensure long-term, real results for our kids throughout their educational journey from pre-school to starting a career.

Aligning Philanthropy, Nonprofits, Business and Government to "Raise DC"


In D.C., 19 percent of adults lack basic literacy skills, 30 percent of children live in poverty, and only 61 percent of students graduate high school on time. For a city known for its prosperity – not to mention its wealth of social programs and nonprofit organizations – these are troubling facts that suggest that something isn’t working.

Strive Partnership Focused on Improving Early Childhood Education

In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama issued a call to action that “every single child in America” should have high-quality early-childhood education.  Improving early childhood education is a top priority for the Strive Partnership.


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