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Michael Mozina

[email protected]
Senior Manager of Network Advancement

Michael Mozina is senior manager of network advancement for StriveTogether. In this role, he manages Cradle to Career Network offerings to support communities’ progress through the theory of action, including supporting StriveTogether’s Opportunity and Promising Practices funds.

Michael started his career as a seventh-grade science teacher at Cleveland’s Citizens Leadership Academy. He also has served as an Urban Leaders Fellow, working with Texas State Board of Education Rep. Erika Beltran on science standards revision and district school board legislation.

Michael received his bachelor’s degree in social relations and policy from Michigan State University’s James Madison College. Michael hails from Chicago and currently lives in the city’s historic Uptown neighborhood.

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communities in the cradle to career network are working to improve all of the systems that impact youth and families. share why one adjacent sector is important to you.

Health care shares a special place in my heart. My mom spent over 20 years as a bone marrow and stem cell transplant nurse in Chicago. As in education, race is a strong predictor of future health outcomes. I feel driven to the work to redesign systems and structures that perpetuate these disparity gaps and inequitable outcomes.