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Colleen Maleski

Director of Network Advancement

Colleen Maleski is director of network advancement for StriveTogether. She builds and curates resources and supports to help cradle-to-career partnerships advance their work to change systems and improve educational outcomes for kids.

Prior to joining StriveTogether, Colleen earned her master’s of public policy at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, where she served as a research assistant for the Accelerated Academic Achievement Research Center and the Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation and Development. She served as a consultant for the Tennessee Department of Education and led the expansion of Colorado State Sen. Mike Johnston’s Urban Leaders Fellowship to Nashville.

Colleen earned a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications and business marketing from The Ohio State University and worked in public affairs and corporate social responsibility for Raytheon.

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I grew up in rural Ohio where your closest neighbor may be miles away (as well as your school, your doctor or a grocery store). A lack of transportation was a real barrier for friends and classmates, particularly in attending and persisting in a postsecondary program. Both cities and rural towns have miles to go to find transportation solutions that ensure every family has a safe and efficient way to travel to and from school, work and other destinations!