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Janice Ungruhe

Executive Assistant to Vice Presidents

As executive assistant to vice presidents, Janice Ungruhe serves as the primary point of contact for the vice presidents at StriveTogether.

Janice’s primary areas of focus include serving as liaison to the organization’s executive leadership team, planning and executing meetings, coordinating cross-team communication and managing special projects.

Before joining StriveTogether, Janice served as an executive assistant at KnowledgeWorks, where she coordinated foundation events focused on the future of education. During the first half of her career, Janice worked as a human resource manager in the sectors of manufacturing, investment banking and social services. She earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Bowling Green State University. Janice lives in Cincinnati with her husband and enjoys spending time with her adult children and traveling.

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Prior to coming to StriveTogether, I worked for almost a decade at a social service organization near downtown Cincinnati. I fully understand how access to quality health care and related services is vital for a community to thrive. Unless a person is physically and mentally well, all areas of their life, and those of their immediate family, will be impacted in a negative way. I love working at StriveTogether because in supporting student success, the whole picture matters and is taken into consideration.