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John Benton

john benton

Senior Manager of Insights and Analytics

John Benton is senior manager of insights and analytics at StriveTogether. In this role, he extract insights from data and delivers impactful solutions.

John is a focused leader who brings proven experience in leveraging data with communities affected by systemic inequities and inequalities. He previously served as the chief operating officer of a place-based, cradle-to-career initiative in Southwestern Indiana and was instrumental in scaling the initiative to where it is today. Additionally, he helped establish and lead a regional cradle-to-career partnership, including neighborhood-based organizations throughout the Southwestern Indiana and Northwestern Kentucky area. John continues to serve as the board chair of a local collective impact organization dedicated to uplifting the common good of Evansville, Indiana.

John applies himself to listen, align and act with communities to advocate for their vision of a preferred future. John is skilled in weaving data and human experiences to tell the stories of a system and find strategic opportunities to bridge gaps in human flourishing within ecosystems. John believes that when people come together around a shared story and build a vision for what they want to see together, powerful change will happen.

John holds a Master of Social Work from Indiana University and is a candidate for a Master of Science in economics at Purdue University. John has learned to leverage macro-level social work insight and economics systems thinking to highlight and advocate for enhanced opportunities at the intersection of education, economic mobility and place-based conditions. He lives in Evansville, Indiana, with his wife and three children. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals and being with his family.

hear from john

What is a place that shaped you and how does it give you purpose?

When I was growing up, the Jacobsville neighborhood in Evansville, Indiana, was just a place to go watch semi-pro baseball games, eat really good pizza and see a beautiful light display at Christmastime. However, over the last five years I’ve gotten to learn what it means to be a resident of this beautiful neighborhood through the eyes of students. It’s where I learned to see the world from another’s perspective and to fight for what my neighbor needs.