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Kiki Rosado

kiki rosado

Graphic Designer

As graphic designer, Kiki Rosado designs and produces content that helps StriveTogether share stories and information in innovative ways.

Kiki Rosado was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They attended Miami International University of Art and Design, which sparked an interest in visual communication through different mediums. Kiki is an Afrolatina designer with a focus on elevating voices and visual narratives that portray social issues and cooperative solutions.

Kiki earned a bachelor’s degree of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics with a background in graphic design. They currently reside in Chicago with their cat, Chavela.

hear from kiki

What is a place that shaped you, and how does it give you purpose?

Puerto Rico has a special place in my heart and will always be home. Growing up there I witnessed the power of family, community and lifting each other up. Since then it’s been my drive to help amplify the voices of those most vulnerable to the violence of the current systems.