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Tiffany "Tif" Black

tif black

Specialist, Talent

Tiffany “Tif” Black (they/she) is talent specialist at StriveTogether. In this role, they support the Cradle to Career Network by supporting StriveTogether’s comprehensive talent needs: recruiting, selecting, onboarding and developing team members who are committed to StriveTogether’s mission, vision and values.

Tif started their professional career as a frontline barista with Panera Bread, growing internally to regional HR management. Since then, Tif has worked in the supply chain industry supporting Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast and Crocs, Inc. as a talent acquisition leader with a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Although no longer in the hospitality sector, Tif credits their many years in the industry for their greatest professional passion – serving and empowering community members to create an equitable environment in which all guests, internal or external, are welcome and have the tools they need to succeed.

Tif’s roots lie in Maine, growing up initially on Orr’s Island and then in Lewiston/Auburn. For the bulk of their adult life, Tif lived in New Hampshire with their wife, Crystal, and their son, Dustin. In 2023, Tif and Crystal relocated to Dayton, Ohio where they now live with their two cats (Artemis and Poe) their dog (Dog), 100+ geckos and 100+ dart frogs. Tif dubbed themself chief people officer of Crystal’s business, “Frog Butts ‘n’ More, LLC,” and can often be found at reptile/amphibian shows all over Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky.

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Progress is incredibly important to me. As responsible stewards, the future is for us to define, redefine and re-redefine while we act as powerful agents. To me, that never-ending journey forward is progress and there’s nothing more exciting than creating a transformational future of our own design with the value of equity as our guide. Booyah!