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Cradle to Career

Connecting Cradle to Career Communities

The StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network is comprised of 49 partnerships who committed to quality, completed the Civic Infrastructure Assessment and met the Exploring benchmarks in the StriveTogether Theory of Action.  Many of these partnerships have not only met these initial exploring benchmarks, but are working on more advanced benchmarks, operating in the Emerging, Sustaining, Systems Change, and Proof Point Gateways. This advanced Network is focused on connecting communities across the nation to learn from common challenges and successes and to ultimately improve outcomes for all kids.

Together, this Network will build shared value to advance the field of cradle to career collective impact.

Building on Momentum

Since its start in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in 2006, StriveTogether’s innovative Cradle to Career sustained-improvement approach has been initiated or fostered in communities in 26 states and the District of Columbia.The overwhelming interest in this work from communities across the globe helps drive the Network’s ambitious goal to achieve 3 Proof Point Communities (where communities are seeing 60% of student outcomes trending in the right direction) by 2015.

StriveTogether works with communities across the country.

Cradle to Career Network Members

Emerging Partnerships Sustaining Partnerships
Anchorage, AK
Columbus, OH
Multnomah County, OR
Achieve BC
Green Bay, WI
Marin County, CA
Boston, MA
Quad Cities, IL & IA
Albuquerque, NM
Austin, TX
Toledo, OH
Northfield, MN
Bellevue, WA
North East, IN
Norwalk ACTS
Norwalk, CT
Milwaukee, WI
Waterbury, CT
Washington, DC
Bexar County, TX
Richmond, VA
Rochester, NY
Cincinnati, OH; Newport & Covington, KY
San Diego, CA
Memphis, TN
Dallas County, TX
Clinton County, NY
Spartanburg County, SC
South Seattle, WA
Cradle to Career Columbia
Columbia, MO
Shreveport, LA
Sonoma County, CA
Summit County, OH
Macon County, IL
Albany, NY
Red Wing, MN
Winston-Salem, NC
Spokane County, WA
Thrive Chicago
Chicago, IL
Fresno, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Twin Cities, MN
Thriving Together
Phoenix, AZ
Tacoma, WA
Boise, ID
Itasca Area, MN
Charleston, SC
Grand Rapids, MI
Westbrook Children's Project
Westbrook, ME
Las Vegas, NV
Montgomery County, OH


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