we make
a difference

StriveTogether team members are leaders committed to building an equitable future.


equity centered

Our team of talented, dedicated professionals comes from diverse backgrounds, including education, policy, nonprofits and journalism. We share a commitment to the success of every child, cradle to career.

Vice President of Marketing & Communication

Senior Manager of Special Projects

Senior Manager of Human Resources

Director of Collaborative Improvement

President and CEO

Senior Director of District Improvement

Senior Director of Coaching

Content Development Associate

Director of Technology and Systems

Vice President of Policy and Partnerships

Managing Director of Innovation

Director of Finance and Administration

Senior Director of Development and Grants

Project Manager of Network Advancement

Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development

Chief of Staff

Content and Curriculum Specialist

Development Operations Manager

Director of Data Analytics

Administrative Specialist

Senior Director of Learning and Activation

Director of Network Advancement

Accounting Specialist

Senior Manager of Coaching

Senior Manager of Network Advancement

Director of Network Growth

Senior Manager of Learning

Director of Equitable Strategies

Vice President of Equitable Results

Senior Manager of Grantmaking

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Director of Marketing and Communication

Senior Manager of Collaborative Improvement

Senior Manager of Assessment and Evaluation

Senior Manager of Executive Services

Senior Manager of Network Experience

Senior Data Capability Specialist

Manager of Executive Services

Creative Lead

Office Administrator

Communication Specialist

Project Manager of Policy and Partnerships

Director of Policy and Partnerships