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Bridget Jancarz

Chief of Staff

Bridget Jancarz is chief of staff, helping to develop and implement StriveTogether’s strategy and accelerate the vision and goals of its president and CEO. Bridget serves as a connector and coordinator across the organization, strengthening StriveTogether’s work by offering strategic advice and direction for programs, operations and team development. She also directs the communications and marketing team at StriveTogether.

Since joining the organization in 2013, Bridget has played a key role in establishing the StriveTogether Theory of Action™ and national Cradle to Career Network. In her various roles, including senior director of network advancement and associate director of network quality, she oversaw a national evaluation that quantified and validated the theory of action.

Also, Bridget has helped organizations in the Cradle to Career Network build the unique capacities and expertise needed to take up the theory of action, leading to better and more equitable outcomes for the communities they serve.

Prior to StriveTogether, Bridget worked with Fostering Success Michigan, a statewide collective impact initiative focused on improving educational outcomes for youth and alumni of foster care. Bridget began her career working in operations, focused on digital marketing analysis and research and then assessing quality control procedures for home loans.

Bridget holds a master’s of social work with a focus on policy, planning and administration, and a bachelor of business administration with a concentration in advertising and promotion, both from Western Michigan University — go Broncos!

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Communities in the cradle to career network are working to improve systems that impact youth and families. Share why one adjacent sector is important to you.

Human services! As a social worker by training, I’ve seen the importance of this sector to kids and families — and the breakdowns and bureaucracies that can prevent human services organizations from optimally serving our communities.