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StriveTogether supports communities to eliminate disparities and change the outcome.


stronger together

Collective impact was first coined in 2011 by the Stanford Social Innovation Review to describe work in Greater Cincinnati that led to the creation of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network.  Rather than work apart, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky leaders came together around a set of common goals and shared data to solve complex community challenges that limited opportunity for young people. 

StriveTogether supports a network of communities that all want the best for every child. Through the Cradle to Career Network, these communities challenge each other and share their expertise as they take on similar obstacles.

StriveTogether’s approach to collective impact is captured in our guiding framework, the StriveTogether Theory of Action™. The theory of action supports communities to build a strong civic infrastructure by connecting people, ideas and resources. And it leads to results. The theory of action has been validated by a three-year evaluation by Equal Measure, which showed that our approach helps communities get better outcomes faster. As communities across the country use our approach to get to results, we get closer to achieving our vision of the success of every child, cradle to career.

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