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StriveTogether network members get better results for youth from cradle to career.


reasons to believe

The results are reasons to believe. Our case studies explain how StriveTogether communities work together to transform systems — and how that leads to better and more equitable outcomes across the country.


featured case study

Delivering equitable education finance reform


Communities across Texas came together to achieve an investment in education and educators of $6.5 billion.

Setting up kids for
success in Texas


An early pioneer of collective impact, E3 Alliance in Central Texas uses the theory of action and tools like collaborative improvement to increase kindergarten readiness.

Thinking bigger in
Memphis, Tenn.


Seeding Success in Memphis, Tennessee, is creating access to quality pre-K to ensure children arrive at school with equitable footing.

Making daily change
to transform systems


In Utah, United Way of Salt Lake’s Promise Partnership has one goal: to ensure that every child in the state is ready for school, better in school and successful in life.