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StriveTogether team members are leaders committed to building an equitable future.

who we are

Working to achieve racial and ethnic equity shapes who we are and what we do. We know when a community prioritizes helping every child succeed, it brings us all one step closer to an equitable world. Together we work toward building this reality so youth and families can thrive. 

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The success of every child from cradle to career.


We partner with communities to ensure every child has every chance to succeed because race, ethnicity, poverty and circumstance should not determine opportunity or outcome.



We focus on what connects us and communicate to each other with transparency and integrity.


We fail forward even if no one is watching, have the tough conversations no one likes having and take risks in pursuit of results.


We seek and value all types of diversity, put equity into action daily and strive to dismantle inequities, including those present in ourselves, our organization and our communities.


We share learning in real time, view professional development as personal growth and test new ideas through collaborative improvement.


We use data and evidence to make decisions and hold each other accountable for getting results.