Data Dashboard

StriveTogether network members get better results for youth from cradle to career.

Data is at the core of our work to get better, more equitable outcomes for young people. We use data to illuminate problems and solutions, tackle tough conversations and understand impact to take action.

Cradle to Career Network members collect data on key outcomes along the path to economic mobility, from kindergarten readiness to employment. They disaggregate data by race, ethnicity, gender, income, language and special education status. Through the annual Civic Infrastructure Assessment, network members share their progress along the StriveTogether Theory of ActionTM.

Below, you can explore the most recent data available from across the Network.

The data is nuanced across communities, and some data is missing. Data may be lagged and not yet available, and some data may not exist. Data from different institutions may be incomplete, and years may be skipped for a variety of reasons. Where available, we’ve linked to the network member dashboard with more detailed information.