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Office Administrator

As office administrator at StriveTogether, Adama provides a range of administrative services in support of StriveTogether’s organization and mission.

Prior to joining StriveTogether, Adama served as a mentor at a local Cincinnati non-profit, Ladies of Leadership. There she was able to build confidence and a sisterhood through mentoring young ladies. Her role included leading retreats, fundraising and coaching on topics including financial literacy, job interview tips and mental health awareness. Adama’s favorite part of the role was being a big sister to girls and helping them navigate life.

Adama is a first generation American. Both her parents were born and raised in Senegal, in west Africa. She grew up leaning three languages, English, Fulani and Soninke. Her elementary school, Academy of World Languages shaped and influenced who she is today. The school not only taught her the English language, but also allowed her to be exposed to cultures and values outside of her own. As the first place she was introduced to the American life, it holds a special place in her heart.

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Share how one of StriveTogether’s core values (community, courage, equity, progress and results) is important to you.

Community is important to me because as a mental health advocate, I believe we all need a village. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. I believe that the meaning of life is to serve humanity together as a community.