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Brynn Pendrak

brynn pendrak

Director, Instructional Design

As Director of Instructional Design, Brynn Pendrak plays a critical role in expanding the reach of the Training Hub Powered by StriveTogether’s capability-building offerings.

Previously, Brynn worked in education with a focus on learning experience design and the implementation of high-quality instructional materials. She designed professional learning experiences, was a director of math and science for both traditional public and charter school districts, supported teacher development, and began her work in education as a bilingual elementary school teacher in South Texas. Throughout her trajectory in education, she has developed a strong understanding of universal design for learning, adult learning and accessible, engaging eLearning. Although the audience of the learning experiences she created changed over the years, her focus on equitable outcomes for all students and families never wavered.

Brynn has a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from the Ohio State University and a master’s in educational administration, curriculum and supervision from the University of Oklahoma. She and her husband, Jay, live outside of Cincinnati, Ohio with their children, Ben and Micah, and their aussiedoodle, Tank.

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Share how one of StriveTogether’s core values (community, courage, equity, progress and results) is important to you.

Community is important to me because, at the most basic level, we’re all human, and human beings are wired with a need for connection. Communities create opportunity for that basic need to be met. The beauty of eLearning and the work of the Training Hub is that they create an opportunity for connection beyond geographic boundaries.