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Sajah Woods

sajah woods

Special Assistant of Policy, Partnerships and Training

Sajah Woods is special assistant of policy, partnerships and training at StriveTogether. In this role, Sajah provides support and coordination to the policy and training teams.

Sajah was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her journey has been a testament to the fusion of passion and perseverance. She was raised in a non-traditional family environment and subject to many challenges that would leave some to believe she would be a “statistic” – reducing her to their expectations of what someone from her background could accomplish.

After earning her bachelor’s in business administration and accounting  with honors from Xavier University, Sajah embarked on a career journey that allowed her to merge her diverse interests seamlessly as accounting specialist at StriveTogether. Sajah left StriveTogether to support her family and navigate some severe challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, another testament to her perseverance. Sajah has now returned to StriveTogether to support our policy and training teams. Sajah is known for problem solving and finding connections and is excited to join in on our mission again!

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Share how one of StriveTogether’s core values (community, courage, equity, progress and results) is important to you.

One of StriveTogether’s core values that I hold closely is community. Throughout my life, many people in my community supported me –  helping me access new experiences, quality education, love, mental health support and financial literacy. This support allowed me to look beyond life’s challenges and complete my education and lead in several successful roles. These talents always lead me back to serving my community and looking for new ways to ensure every child like me can have doors to equitable opportunities opened to them.