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karen alicia quinteros

Director, Assessment and Evaluation

Karen Alicia Quinteros is director of assessment and evaluation at StriveTogether.

A Chicago native, Karen has worked with youth and their families in various capacities in her hometown, including at Chicago Scholars, Marwen, Christopher House and the Chicago Park District. She is driven by the knowledge that she would not be where she is today without critical organizations like these. Through the lens of direct service and a people-first approach, Karen seeks to share successful strategies within the sector and support organizations as they improve outcomes in an equitable manner.

Karen received her Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College and is currently working toward a master’s degree in research methods, measurement and evaluation at the University of Connecticut. Karen enjoys vegan cooking, long walks and board games. She lives in a haunted house in Chicago with her partner and a feisty calico named FK Soledad.

hear from karen

What is a place that shaped you, and how does it give you purpose?

While I have experienced beautiful things like cool lake breezes and ecstatic World Series wins in Chicago, I have also learned about two cities – one mired in poverty and disinvestment while the other thrives and gleefully displaces others. This current reality gives me purpose in that I am not at peace with this trajectory, in Chicago or anywhere else. Success is possible for everyone.