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Adrienne Zeak

Senior Manager of Graphic Design

As senior manager of graphic design, Adrienne Zeak plays a leading role in establishing and enhancing StriveTogether’s visual identity. She manages the design and production of content and helps StriveTogether share stories and information in innovative ways.

Adrienne brings more than 18 years’ experience working in creative roles at a variety of nonprofits. Previously, she worked in the higher education sector supporting communications, design and creative direction, intranet development, and media and marketing efforts for three nonprofit universities that cultivate change agents — teachers, counselors, psychologists and socially driven lawyers. She has been responsible for the design and production of four lifestyle publications and designed three award-winning human resources and diversity magazines.

Constantly seeking to contribute to something bigger than herself, Adrienne is devoted to using her talents to move humankind in a positive direction. Rooted in an inherent understanding of equity, she is compelled by her desire to meet others where they are to serve them more effectively. Adrienne lives right outside of Chicago with her two kiddos and their menagerie of pets and plants.

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StriveTogether’s core value of equity is one of many reasons I joined this incredible team. Authentically representing misrepresented people and communities, equitably sourcing media and maintaining asset-framed imagery has been the core of my creative process for years. It’s a privilege to continuously improve my understanding of — and to coach others in — how ethical and equitable design influences and effects systems change.