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nicole capó martínez

Content Development Specialist

Nicole Capó Martínez is the content development specialist at StriveTogether. She creates learning resources and stories to support the Cradle to Career Network’s work to get better, more equitable outcomes for kids and families.

Nicole views storytelling as a tool for empowerment. As a freelance writer, Nicole has covered the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Ricans in the diaspora. She also worked with the National Trust for Historic Preservation as they traveled Route 66, gathering stories to support the route’s designation as a National Historic Trail. As a member of the Duende District team, Nicole uses social media to fuel activist action while supporting Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian writers and artists. Her past roles centered around the intersection of storytelling, community building and customer service as it relates to small businesses.

Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communications from the George Washington University. Though she’s lived in Washington, D.C., since then, she calls Puerto Rico home and travels there often to see her family and friends. She’s the self-published author of three poetry collections and lives with her partner and their grumpy cat, Miko.

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As a Puerto Rican in the diaspora during the events surrounding Hurricane Maria, I’ve seen firsthand the value of community in how we support each other and transform the world we live in, whether in times of peace or chaos. Throughout all I’ve witnessed and experienced, the lesson I keep coming back to time and time again is this: Community-building is at the core of everything. It’s the pillar that sustains us as we survive, flourish and grow, and it is pivotal if we want to create real systemic change.