Theory of Action

Theory of Action

A Continuum of Quality Benchmarks

Communities across the world have embraced the concept of collective impact, and over the past several years StriveTogether has worked to support this momentum by establishing the Cradle to Career Network of nearly 70 communities working to build cradle to career collective impact partnerships. With different approaches to collective impact emerging in communities throughout the country, Network members want to ensure that the StriveTogether approach remains rigorous, calling for a more defined structure around what it means to do this work with quality

StriveTogether has established a continuum of quality benchmarks called the Theory of Action for building and sustaining civic infrastructure. Across the continuum, there are four fundamental "Gateways" which signal your partnership's progression towards becoming a Proof Point. By crossing through each Gateway, there is a greater likelihood for sustained impact and improvement over time.

These quality benchmarks are critical for ensuring a community transforms how they serve children. Most importantly, communities achieve population-level impact when the student indicators that were set by the partnership consistently trend in the right direction. As more communities successfully meet these quality benchmarks, we will collectively progress towards achieving our ultimate goal: supporting the success of every child, every step of the way, cradle to career.

The StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network will be guided by this Theory of Action. Members of the Network are communities that

  1. commit to work toward achieving these quality benchmarks, and
  2. actively participate in a community of learning and practice with their peers in which knowledge is shared and created.

Together this Network will build shared value to advance the field of cradle to career collective impact.

Download the Theory of Action.

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