Pillar 1: Shared Community Vision

The partnership publicly releases a baseline report card to the community with disaggregated data.

Key Considerations

What key sub-populations did the partnership disaggregate data for?

How did the partnership engage the community in the release of the report card?

Pillar 2: Evidence-based Decision-making

The partnership collects and disaggregates baseline data by key sub-populations for core indicators.

Key Considerations

Which core indicators has the partnership collected data for?

What are the key sub-populations identified by the partnership?

Has the partnership collected disaggregated data for these sub-populations?

The partnership prioritizes a subset of core indicators for initial focus.

Key Considerations

What subset of core indicators has the partnership prioritized for initial focus?

How are the core indicators prioritized?

Pillar 3: Collaborative Action

Collaborative Action Networks are engaged and/or formed to improve community-level outcomes.

Key Considerations

What Collaborative Action Networks are formed/engaged?

What indicator did they form around?

In what ways is your partnership supporting these Collaborative Action Networks?

Pillar 4: Investment & Sustainability

The partnership has in place the necessary capacity to support the partnership's daily management, data needs, facilitation and communication as well as community engagement.

Key Considerations

What capacity is in place to support the partnership’s daily management, data needs, facilitation and communications as well as community engagement?

Partners support the operations work of the partnership.

Key Considerations

How are partners supporting the partnership’s operations?

What resources are secured to sustain the partnership, including the anchor entity’s funding, staff, communications, etc.?