The presentation software think-cell serves a single purpose—quickly creating great-looking business presentations. think-cell is a Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in with dozens of features that together enable users to quickly create complex data-driven charts, maintain a presentation’s structure with auto-updating agendas, and consistently round numbers in Excel sheets. Using think-cell, it is possible to create professional charts such as waterfalls, Marimekkos and Gantts within a few minutes, and to further automatically update them directly from linked Excel data. The agenda-building capability is similarly automated—maintaining a complete agenda in PowerPoint functions in the same manner as a table of contents in a good word processor. The Excel add-in enables consistently rounded numbers across both complex calculations and multiple work sheets. For detailed information on think-cell and its features, or to get a better idea of how it works, please visit

Usage Terms

think-cell offer their software for FREE to academic or nonprofit organizations, given that they only use the software for education, public research or their direct nonprofit core operations.

How to download think-cell

Please keep in mind that you are getting access to think-cell for your work at StriveTogether only. You are not allowed to distribute or share the key with anyone outside of StriveTogether.

  • think-cell is available for both PC and Mac OS.
  • To obtain a copy of the think-cell license key, please email the Senior Manager of Insights and Analytics at StriveTogether.

How to learn more

For tailored think-cell support and self-service resources such as tutorial videos and a searchable user manual, visit

Learn how to link an Excel file to your think-cell Power Point chart and automate data update