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Outside the Network

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Our team of experienced leaders and facilitators are available to provide keynote speeches or lead workshops at events on topics including:

  • Achieving results at scale/the keys to high-quality collective impact
  • Leading complex social change
  • Mobilizing individuals and communities to achieve bold goals
  • Using data to improve outcomes for every child
  • Shifting from charitable giving to impactful investing
  • Clarifying the role of business in the social sector
Contact Linda Brandin at brandinl@strivetogether.org for more information. 

Exploring Institute

For communities just starting the process of building a cradle-to-career partnership, we recommend the Exploring Institute to strengthen their capacity to move through the Theory of Action. This consists of a Planning Retreat and a Design Institute, both of which help communities meet the Exploring quality benchmarks so they are able to join the Cradle to Career Network.

Planning Retreat

This two-day workshop brings key stakeholders together to develop and identify the core team of community partners. People are introduced to the tools and competencies necessary for them to take their work to the next level. Topics include:
  • Building a vision, mission and goals for the cradle-to-career partnership
  • Drafting key messages to effectively communicate the work of the partnership to internal and external audiences
  • Identifying, vetting and selecting outcomes and related indicators for measuring the partnership’s goals
  • Understanding how to utilize a continuous improvement process to achieve impact
  • Learning about results-based leadership (RBL) competencies and tools
  • Engaging funders to support the work of the partnership

Design Institute

This workshop, led by the core team of community partners and supported by the StriveTogether strategic assistance team, is designed to foster buy-in from key stakeholders while creating an action plan for building the cradle-to-career partnership. The StriveTogether team provides context and lessons learned related to the Theory of Action, while core team members share drafted materials developed after the Planning Retreat.

Once partnerships develop the foundation for building civic infrastructure by meeting the Exploring quality benchmarks, often new challenges emerge around working with cross-sector stakeholders to improve specific outcomes. In those instances, StriveTogether staff will work with partnerships to identify supports that meet local partnership needs.

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