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StriveTogether network members get better results for youth from cradle to career.

stories from across the network

We capture and share learning from the across the Cradle to Career Network to inspire progress. These stories show what’s possible when network members work across sectors like education, health, housing and more to get better results for young people and their families.

The Commit Partnership


The Commit Partnership, a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, convened a coalition of more than 40 community leaders to support student access to virtual learning during the early days of the pandemic and to forge a strategic plan to achieve digital equity.

Impact Tulsa


StriveTogether network member, ImpactTulsa, partnered with the City of Tulsa and Tulsa public schools to bridge the digital divide at the onset of the pandemic.

Fresno Cradle to Career


Fresno Cradle to Career worked with community stakeholders to create the Fresno Coalition for Digital Inclusion (FCDI). This cross-sector group includes leaders from local city and county government, institutions, agencies and community-based organizations.

Tri-County Cradle to Career Collective


This network member is rallying private, public and nonprofit sector leaders to ensure digital inclusion for every individual, including the most disadvantaged.

Wisconsin Partnership


Four Cradle to Career Network members are leading systems change work to build an accessible and equitable system of child care in Wisconsin.

Graduate Tacoma

tacoma, washington

Graduate Tacoma is working on improving postsecondary outcomes by addressing gaps in access to funding for postsecondary options, especially among families experiencing poverty, who are also disproportionately families of color.

Mission Promise Neighborhood

san francisco, california

Mission Promise Neighborhood recognizes the expertise of Latinx families and has created spaces for them to lead.

Baltimore’s Promise

baltimore, maryland

Baltimore’s Promise is shifting power to youth and residents to drive decisions about distributing resources.

Milwaukee Succeeds

milwaukee, wisconsin

Milwaukee Succeeds is lifting up perspectives from child care providers serving Black and Latinx families to inform strategy and giving power and money to youth to redesign high school education.

UP Partnership

san antonio, texas

UP Partnership’s research helped support a ballot initiative in the 2020 November election that will continue to provide $38 million in Pre-K funding.

UP Partnership collaborated with the Children’s Funding Project to develop a fiscal map to identify, track and analyze all funding sources for programs and services supporting children and youth across Bexar County.

Bridgeport Prospers

bridgeport, connecticut

With American Rescue Plan Act funds, Bridgeport Prospers expanded their home visiting services and developmental screenings for caregivers and families across the state.

Bridgeport Prospers advocated for their community and received the only community-based COVID-19 4-CT grant, which was directly invested into a low-income public housing community.

Bright Futures Education Partnership

monterey county, california

Bright Futures has shifted its focus to reducing systemic racism, including shifting time and resources to large-scale systems change.

Learn to Earn Dayton

dayton, ohio

Learn to Earn Dayton used data to improve college enrollment and graduation rates, with policy changes at three local universities.

Marin Promise Partnership

marin county, california

Marin County Partnership has developed a partnership-wide commitment to racial equity, including racial equity goals and a racial equity statement.

Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership

waterbury, connecticut

Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership established a team to increase culturally responsive policies and practices that improve outcomes for Black, Indigenous and Latinx students.

Graduate Tacoma

tacoma, washington

Graduate Tacoma is partnering with local leaders to administer $750,000 in ARPA funds for expanded countywide learning programs targeting youth of color and youth living in poverty.

Graduate Tacoma in Tacoma, Wash., partners with the Tacoma Housing Authority around a somewhat unexpected goal for a housing agency: postsecondary success.

Higher Expectations for Racine County

racine, wisconsin

Higher Expectations for Racine County created a unique cross-sector partnership between city government and education advocates.

Cradle to Career Cincinnati

cincinnati, ohio

Thanks to efforts from Cradle to Career Cincinnati, Cincinnati is building out a shared data system for eviction prevention.