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StriveTogether network members get better results for youth from cradle to career.

stories from across the network

We capture and share learning from the across the Cradle to Career Network to inspire progress. These stories show what’s possible when network members work across sectors like education, health, housing and more to get better results for young people and their families.

Learn to Earn Dayton

dayton, ohio

Learn to Earn Dayton used data to improve college enrollment and graduation rates, with policy changes at three local universities.

Marin Promise Partnership

marin county, california

Marin County Partnership has developed a partnership-wide commitment to racial equity, including racial equity goals and a racial equity statement.

Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership

waterbury, connecticut

Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership established a team to increase culturally responsive policies and practices that improve outcomes for Black, Indigenous and Latinx students.

UP Partnership

san antonio, texas

The team at UP Partnership used their role as data experts in San Antonio, Texas, to push for the decriminalization of youth curfew violations.

Graduate Tacoma

tacoma, washington

Graduate Tacoma in Tacoma, Wash., partners with the Tacoma Housing Authority around a somewhat unexpected goal for a housing agency: postsecondary success.

Bridgeport Prospers

bridgeport, connecticut

Bridgeport Prospers in Bridgeport, Conn., established the Baby Bundle framework to address maternal health disparities in their city.

Higher Expectations for Racine County

racine, wisconsin

Higher Expectations for Racine County created a unique cross-sector partnership between city government and education advocates.

Cradle to Career Cincinnati

cincinnati, ohio

Thanks to efforts from Cradle to Career Cincinnati, Cincinnati is building out a shared data system for eviction prevention.