National Leadership Council

National Leadership Council

StriveTogether National Leadership Council

StriveTogether and the Cradle to Career Network members are fortunate to have a National Leadership Council dedicated to help shape the strategic direction of this movement. The role of the National Leadership Council is to advise staff on the best possible strategy to make sure we collectively establish proof point communities that exemplify the power of this work and drive innovation in the field of building cradle to career civic infrastructure and collective impact overall. The National Leadership Council members donate their time, experience and expertise to support this work and have consistently advocated with national, state, and local leaders to advance our shared goals. Their input informs the work of the KnowledgeWorks Board of Directors that manages the overall implementation of StriveTogether.

National Leadership Council Chair:

Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor,  State University of New York (SUNY)

National Leadership Council Members:

Ben Hecht, Living Cities

Bob Wimpelberg, All Kids Alliance, Houston

Brenda Henry Sanchez, NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Doug Wood, Ford Foundation             

George Tang, Educate Texas

Haley Glover, Lumina Foundation

Ira Fishman, NFL Players Association

Judy Peppler, KnowledgeWorks    

Kate Mohan, Target    

Kathy Merchant

Ken Howey, SUNY                                                                                                                                 

Lance Fors, Social Venture Partners

Leslie Maloney, Haile/US Bank Foundation      

Michele Jolin, Results 4 America  

Reba Dominski, US Bank  

Rob Reifsnyder, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Ron Ferguson, Harvard Graduate School of  Education  

Sophie Dagenais, Annie E Casey Foundation

Stacey Stewart, United Way Worldwide                                           

Sue Lehmann , Consultant                          

Steven Dow, CapTulsa                                          

Tom Fry, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation                                                                                      

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