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Many reports have been written about the local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Strive Partnership experience and the national StriveTogether movement.  Below are a few links to major publications in which both Strive Partnership and StriveTogether have been highlighted: 

Carnegie White Paper: Continuous Improvement in Education

Striving for Success

Collective Impact

Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work

Needle-Moving Community Collaboratives

Beyond Content: Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning into the StriveTogether Framework:

Volume I: Social and Emotional Competencies and their Relationship to Academic Achievement

Volume II: A Summary of Measures by Competency and Stage of the Cradle to Career Continuum

Volume III: A Compendium of Social and Emotional Competency Measures

Interactive Report

Collective Impact: Stronger Results with Community-Based Organizations

StriveTogether: Reinventing the Local Education Ecosystem

You Tube

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