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Ready in Red Wing

Minnesota community joins hands to boost kindergarten readiness by strengthening children’s social, emotional skills.

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A Texas-style turnaround

Pilot program in Dallas shows how an influx of high-performing teachers can transform struggling students.

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Ready for the test

Ohio high school teacher Mona Kotran teams up with a countywide educational partnership to help students boost their ACT scores and college prospects.

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The Power of a Second Chance

Young D.C. residents are getting back on track to complete their high school education through a collaborative effort steered by Kilin Boardman-Schroyer.

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Opening the Door to College Aid

Six Communities come together to apply continuous improvement tools and strategies to increase federal student aid applications.

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Driven to Make a Difference

BMW’s Mark Fendley and Eric Hayler are contributing their expertise in continuous improvement to the work of improving education in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

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Helping students stamp a passport to higher education

Melissa Abdo and her advocacy group are applying organizing tactics to help increase FAFSA completions and college-going among disadvantaged students in Tulsa.

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Minimizing ‘summer melt’

Alfredo Medina, Jr. is a key leader in a cross-sector team in Albany working to keep low-income, minority students on track to college after they commit to going.

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Middle school shouldn’t be a make or break moment

Former middle school principal Matt Pope is leading an effort to transform teaching and learning — and improve student outcomes — in Central Texas middle schools.

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Making the case for the power of pre-K

Commissioner Debbie Lieberman is at the forefront of a campaign to provide universal access to high-quality preschool in Montgomery County, Ohio.

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Changing the outcome, one school day at a time

Dr. Carol Harle leads the charge in Harlandale Independent School District, using daily attendance data to improve third grade reading.

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Hundreds of languages, thousands of opportunities

Generation Next celebrates and focuses on diversity to help all Minneapolis and St. Paul students succeed.

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‘All of those things can work together for better outcomes’

Seeding Success works with partners throughout the community – from the classroom to higher education to policy – to improve student outcomes in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Minnesota invests $6 million in education partnerships

Three StriveTogether collective impact partnerships join forces with two Promise Neighborhood communities to score major legislative win for students across the state.

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‘We cannot do this alone’

The City Heights Partnership for Children rallies organizational partners, community members and parents to break down barriers for kids.

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Changing adult behavior to improve outcomes for kids

All Hands Raised brings adults together to help children and youth from cradle to career.

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‘All kids, all schools: That’s who we are’

Milwaukee Succeeds connects community to improve early literacy scores.

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Bringing people to the table to look honestly at student data

The Commit! Partnership rallies community-wide partners to improve education for students throughout Dallas County.

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